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This film, which gathered public attention by four actresses who had never acted before together won the best actress award at Locarno International Film Festival, was created through the citizen participation workshop called “Improvisation Acting Workshop in Kobe”. “Happy Hour” became a 5hours17minutes-length-film, in which most of the roles were played by little-experienced actors.

Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI has always made challenging films such as “Intimacies(Shinmitsu-sa)”, a 4hours-length-movie which used students of film school for all the roles, and Tohoku Documentary Trilogy “The Sound of the Waves(Nami-no-oto)”, “Voices from the Waves(Nami-no-koe)” and “Storytellers(Utau-hito)”, a series of films that runs for more than 7 hours alltogher.

Music of Umitaro ABE who was responsible for the music in Yukio NINAGAWA stages also colors the film.


Setting four women in their late thirties as leading characters and carefully focusing their individual families, careers, and relationships, Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI perfectly expresses “ordinary” anxieties and worries of women as a tense drama.
Am I the person whom I really wanted to be? Do I fully put my real feelings into words?
Each word of them, coming out slowly and with hesitation, drives thrilling excitements.
It is a must-see film that produced a very big sensation in Locarno!

Release in Portugal

Four crossroads that four women face.

Four women, Atari, Sakurako, Mimi, and Jun, are in their late thirties and thought they were best friends who share anything with until Jun’s secret was revealed…
Sakurako, having a teenage sun, spends her ordinary life to support busy husband but feels a little loneliness.
Fumi also feels unspeakable anxiety at the superficial marital relationship with her husband who works as an editor that both never face each other.
Akari works as a nurse who was being once divorced.
She has difficult time with her incompetent younger colleague and is being approached by a man who she met at the hospital but is not in a mood.

Their uneasiness caused by knowing Jun’s secret becomes, without realizing, an opportunity for them to change their lives.
The four go to Arima Onsen and spend a fun time to have a little comfort but the three doesn’t know Jun’s hidden determination.
They question themselves in a long night.
— Am I the person who I really wanted to be?

Release in Portugal

キャスト Cast

Sachie TANAKA as Akari
Hazuki KIKUCHI as Sakurako
Maiko MIHARA as Fumi
Rira KAWAMURA as Jun
  • Yoshio SHIN
  • Hiroyuki MIURA
  • Yoshitaka ZAHANA
  • Shuhei SHIBATA
  • Hiromi DEMURA
  • Hajime SAKASHO
  • Tsugumi KUGAI
  • Yasunobu TANABE
  • Shoko FUKUNAGA
  • Yuichiro ITO
  • Ayumu TONOI

キャスト Cast


A unit formed in Kobe 2013 by film directors Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI, Tadashi NOHARA and a scriptwriter Tomoyuki TAKAHASHI

Tadashi NOHARA

Born in Tochigi in 1983. He entered the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2007, where he studied under Kiyoshi KUROSAWA. He directed "Kyoko" starring Shinobu TERAJIMA, a piece of the omnibus "Lush Life" originally written by Kotaro ISAKA. He also made a feature film "Elephant Love" starring Issei ISHIDA. He now works in Kobe after the experiences as CS program AD and a CG production manager. The public release of his latest film "talk to remember" will be at Hiroshima International Film Festival in Nov. 2015.


Born in 1985. He finished his master at Graduate School of Nihon University College of Arts in 2010. He learned script writing whie in college. Then he started his career as scriptwriter for horror OV and web drama, while joining the independent film staff at the same time. His major scripts are "Touching the skin of eeriness"(Director:Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI), "Saigo no Inochi(Final Life)"(original novel:Fuminori NAKAMURA, Director/co-writer:Junpei MATSUMOTO).

Yoshio KITAGAWA / Director of Photography

Born in Okayama in 1982. After he graduated from the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts, he started his career as an assistant director of photography for films and commercials. He also participated in indie films as a photographer. He works with director HAMAGUCHI in Tohoku Trilogy and "Intimacies" as well. His other works as a director of photography are the short "Ookina Saifu"(2011, directed by Shin'ichi Sugita) and a feature "Joy of Man's Desiring"(2015, directed by Shin'ichi Sugita).

Umitaro ABE / Music

Born in 1978. Composer. He majored in music at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts and Troisième cycle at Université Paris 8. He is often in charge of Yukio NINAGAWA's theatrical music since 2008, along with other dramas and TV programs. He composed the musical "The cat that lived a million times" choreographed by Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak with Rocket Matsu in 2013 and was also a music director(restaged in 2015). The themes of "Nichiyo Bijutsukan"(NHK), "Sekai de Ichiban Utsukushii Shunkan"(BS Premium), "W-za kara no Shotaijo"(WOWWOW Cinema) are also his works. He has released four albums such as "Cinemashka,chika-chika cinemashka" in 2012 and "The Gardens -Chamber music for Clematis-no-Oka" in 2013.

Executive Producer :Sho HARADA, Katsumi TOKUYAMA
Producer:Satoshi TAKATA, Hideyuki OKAMOTO, Tadashi NOHARA
Associate Producer:靜 健子、HAYASHI Akikiyo
Director : Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI
screenplay : HATANO KOBO(Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI, Tadashi NOHARA, Tomoyuki TAKAHASHI)
Director of Photography : Yoshio KITAGAWA
Sound: Izumi MATSUNO
Gaffer : Keijiro AKIYAMA
Assistant Director :Hidekazu TOUCHI, Toru TAKANO
Music : Umitaro ABE
Production : Kobe Workshop Cinema Project(NEOPA,fictive
Publishists : Rui SASAKI, Hideyo IWAI

【special thanks】
野瀬 範久、SASAKI Hideaki、奥野 弘幸、山田 ゆかり
藤島 順二、北川 喜信、野本 幸孝、金森 春樹
芹沢 高志、中山 英之、Silent Voice、坂本 一馬
SAITO Ayako、桜井 敬子、岡村 忠親、MASE Yukie

【Special Cooperation】
Design Creative Center Kobe(KIITO)
Gateway for Directors Japan

2015 / Japan / Color / 317min. / 16:9 / HD

Release in Portugal

濱口竜介 Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI / 監督 Director

Director Ryusuke Hamaguchi was born on Dec 16, 1978. After graduating from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor of Art in Aesthetics in March 2003, he had been working as an assistant directors for film and TV industry for three years. Then, Hamaguchi has studied at the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts and got the degree of Master of Film in March, 2008. PASSION is his graduation work which was well-received by the professors including renowned director Kiyoshi Kurosawa and officially selected in the Zabaltegi Section of San Sebastian International Film Festival 2008 as well as Tokyo FILMeX competition. He has been constantly working on films since then. These include the Japan/Korea coproduction film THE DEPTHS (2010) screened in Tokyo FILMeX and a series of documentary Tohoku Trilogy co-directed by Ko Sakai (Sound of the Waves, Voices from the Waves and Storytellers) from 2011 to 2013. The former two of trilogy are composed by interviews of the victims of the devastating Great Japan Earthquake, and Storytellers is a documentary about research activity in Japanese regional folktales.
His recent fiction films are a feature film Intimacies (2012) and Touching the Skin of Eeriness (2013) staring Premio Marcello Mastroianni winner Shota Sometani. He is now based in Kobe and HAPPY HOUR is his first feature fiction in 3 years.


"PASSION" (2008/HD/115min) : Official Selection - San Sebastian International Film Festival and Tokyo Filmex
"I Love Thee for Good" (2009/HD/58min) : Official Selection - Paris Cinema International Film Festival
"THE DEPTHS" (2010/HD/121min) : Official Selection - Tokyo Filmex
"Sound of Waves" * (2011/HD/142min) : Official Selection - 65th Locarno International Film Festival
"Intimacies" (2012/HD/255min) : screening at Polepole Higashinakano
"Voice of the Waves Shinchi Town" * (2013/HD/103min) : Official Selection - Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
"Voice of the Waves Kisenuma" * (2013/HD/109min) : Official Selection - Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
"Storytellers" * (2013/HD/120min) : Official Selection - Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
"Touching the Skin of Eeriness" (2013/HD/54min)
*Sound of Waves, Voice of Waves and Storytellers are co-directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi and Ko Sakai.

キャスト/スタッフ | Comments

Shigehiko Hasumi



Junko Gosho




Tetsuya Miura



Moon So-ri


映画とは何か 演技とは何か
関係とは何か 幸せとは何か





Cahiers du Cinéma



Carlo Chatrian

”Watching HAPPY HOUR is both a challenge and an adventure. A challenge the 21st century’s communication system requires of us, and an adventure that takes us beyond the traditional format of narrative film to offer a different kind of experience. Spending a little over five hours of our lives on HAPPY HOUR is an activity that I warmly recommend. Not only for the reasons given above, but because Hamaguchi Ryusuke’s film is actually not long at all: indeed, having encountered its four wonderful protagonists, having shared their experiences which are those of everyday life, both major and minor, leaves you wanting to stay with them a little longer. To give them a hug, to help them bear with life’s hard knocks, but also to try and understand ourselves a little more.”

—Carlo Chatrian

Udo Kier






Film de Culte



予告編 | Trailer

Release in Portugal


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Concorso Internazionale
Best Actress, Special Mention for Script

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